The Biggest Loser Wii Game

People and visitors of E3 famous conference where all the gaming leaders reveal their new innovations, were all shocked to see some new Wii games revealed. Nintendo and its team said that their fitness based games were most successful and they will continue with launching more fitness genre games in future. After the huge success of Wii Fit or My Fitness Coach here is another game which brings fitness workout and program to your home – The Biggest Loser Wii game.

The game has been titled after the famous fitness course of Bob and Jillian Michaels who are now your personal fitness trainers in this virtual game which provides players a huge collection of workout, nutrition tips and help to lose weight and gain muscles in fast time! The game is already a huge success and producers are aiming for top chart positions in some weeks time, we will see!

Bob and Jillian Michaels in The Biggest Loser for Wii will help you get through different weekly goals of fitness workout and challenges which you have to achieve if you want to go for more advanced exercises and harder programs. You must be prepared for a sweat routine and hard workout which really work!

For more specific muscle building players can choose what type of muscle category they want to work on and thanks to Jillian and Bob you get weekly based program to work on. On start of each week you choose a goal and by the end of the week you must achieve it!

The game play provides the Wii balance board as support in the game for many different exercises. So the proudly owners of Wii Fit can have more fun and get max out of the game and progress! You will also get more than 50 different recipes and nutrition tips for healthier life and faster progress.